USA - US cement demand over 9Mt

Portland and blended cement shipments by US producers to the domestic market in October 2016 reached 8,012,653t, according to preliminary figures of the US Geological Survey (USGS). In addition, some 1,028,338t were imported, resulting in a total domestic cement demand of 9,040,991t. 
Exports reached 54,501t in October 2016, down 45.7% YoY. 

In terms of clinker production, 6,887,896t of clinker were produced in October with leading producing states (in descending order) being Texas (919,615t), Missouri (819,689t), California (722,391t) and Florida (508,626t). 

For the year to date, US cement producers dispatched 70,292,382t of Portland and blended cement. Domestic deliveries were supplemented by 9,154,429t of imports, resulting in a total cement demand of 79,446,812t for the first 10 months of 2016. Some 588,961t of cement was exported in Jan-Oct 2016. 

In the 10-month period, clinker production reached 63,567,544t. The leading producing states (in descending order) were Texas (8,554,784t), California (7,476,958t), Missouri (6,502,556t) and Florida (4,603,822t).

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