CHILE - Polpaico restructures board and Marcos Büchi assumes presidency

Important changes in its directory and in its administration announced Cemento Polpaico renewing part of its members including modifications in the general management.

Through an essential fact, the company announced the resignation of Carlos Moreno, Rafael Sepúlveda, Jean Carlos Angulo, along with their respective alternates Oliver Osswald, Marcelo Arrieta and Alfonso Barrera. In replacement of the first three, the firm appointed the current president of Consorcio Financiero, Marcos Büchi, Felipe Silva and Sebastián Ríos. Alternate directors will remain vacant.

Likewise, Büchi will assume as president of the board and Silva as vice president. Meanwhile, the board also reported that it requested the resignation of the company's current CEO, Manuel Arrea and appointed Javier Moreno, who started his new duties as from Monday.

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