MEXICO - CEMEX Builds Sustainable BRT Lane in Mexico

Source: CEMEX

Known as “QroBus”, this project was developed by the local Urban Development and Public Works authorities, headed by the Architect Romy Rojas Garrido. This BRT lane offers an alternative for sustainable mobility to residents of the state of Queretaro, which has experienced significant demographic and economic growth over the past years that is reflected in increased traffic flow.

“CEMEX is committed to increased mobility in Mexico, for which we provide the best materials and construction solutions,” said Alejandro Vares, Vice President of Sales to Infrastructure and Government, CEMEX Mexico. “We are confident that the first BRT will significantly improve the quality of life for the people of Queretaro.

Estimating that this new transportation solution will move a large number of people every day, one of the main challenges was to provide a long-term, low-maintenance paving solution to ensure minimum service disruptions.

To this end, CEMEX paved the lane with high-resistant MR concrete, especially designed for roads that transport heavy-duty vehicles—featuring benefits that can reduce the amount of energy used by this type of transportation.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), concrete roads can reduce up to 3% of gas consumption, particularly in heavy-duty vehicles, enabling a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Expected to start operating in October 2017, the “QroBus” will benefit over 600,000 residents of Queretaro, according the city’s Ministry of Urban Development and Public Works.

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