EGYPT - Building material prices in Egypt decrease slightly in March

Portland cement prices fell by a marginal 2.5% in March compared to February, according to a Central Administration of Needs and Building Materials report.


The administration, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, noted in its report that the Portland cement price was EGP 780 per tonne in March, down from EGP 800 per tonne in February.


It added that the price of Portland cement recorded a decline in February 2019 to EGP 850 per tonne. This marked an 8% decrease on the same month in 2018.


Meanwhile, white cement price remained stable during the first three months of the year, at a value of EGP 2,400 per tonne, the report added.


The report also noted the stability of ready-mixed concrete prices at EGP 725 per cubic metre in the first three months of the current year. This is in addition to the stability of its prices in the same period last year.


Furthermore, brick prices stabilised in the first three months of this year, at EGP 1,100 per thousand bricks, compared to EGP 1,060 per thousand bricks in the same period of 2019.


Steel prices recorded a 4% decrease in March, at EGP 9,600 per tonne, compared to EGP 10,000 per tonne in February. Steel prices were at EGP 11,650 per tonne in March 2019, a decrease of 17.6% compared to March 2018.

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