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INTERCEM is a great event for everyone involved in the cement industry. By attending the conference, you receive the latest information about the cement industry throughout the world and, most importantly, you can build up your network! 

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Established in 1985, INTERCEM is the global leader in events devoted to market developments, production, trading, transportation and handling of cement, clinker and related products.
INTERCEM ’85 was the world’s first independent, international conference dedicated exclusively to the global cement sector. In the years since, INTERCEM has continued to lead the way convening conferences on five continents and in over 50 locations around the world.

INTERCEM’s conferences in Hong Kong in 1988, Mexico in 1989 and Dubai in 1999 were all firsts for their respective regions. This is a proud tradition which has continued into the new millennium as INTERCEM has continued to bring the global cement industry together in new, exciting and diverse markets with the first international dedicated cement industry conferences in Brazil, India, China, countries that are spearheading growth in the 21st century. 2014 also saw the INTERCEM host our first international cement conference in East Africa, the first  cement conference in the Philippines and launch the INTERCEM Energy Forum in Cairo. 

Covering more markets across the globe and in greater depth than any of our rivals, INTERCEM remains committed to the international cement industry, ensuring that our conferences remain on the cutting edge, not bringing our delegates back to the same cities year after year, but to new business arenas, new opportunities and new potential for growth.

Since the beginning, over 30,000 delegates have attended our meetings in more than 50 different cities across the globe. From Hong Kong to Houston, Beirut to Berlin and Mumbai to Marrakech, INTERCEM has created opportunities for the international cement industry to meet, open doors into new markets and face new challenges together.

As the market-leading conference for the cement industry, INTERCEM  not only allows delegates to meet, discuss, debate with and learn from many of the most influential and experienced industry leaders, but to come away with new ideas and new contacts for growing and expanding their business.
Our chief executive - Malcolm Shelbourne

Malcolm Shelbourne founded INTERCEM in 1985, following several years in the field of magazine publishing for the bulk materials industry. The motivation for this development was a realisation that unlike other related industries, the cement industry lacked an international focal point for the dissemination of information and the exchange of ideas. Malcolm’s career has taken him to every corner of the globe and maintains a close relationship with many of the leading figures in the international cement community. 

Maintaining a particular interest in Asia and its cultures, Malcolm studied the impact of the Tiananmen Uprising on the West’s perception of China at Rewley House, Oxford.