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The world's leading cement
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INTERCEM ’85 was the world’s first independent, international conference dedicated exclusively to the global cement sector. In the years since, INTERCEM has continued to lead the way convening conferences on five continents and in over 52 locations around the world.

Covering more markets across the globe and in greater depth than any of our rivals, INTERCEM remains committed to the international cement industry, ensuring that our conferences remain on the cutting edge, not bringing our delegates back to the same cities year after year, but to new business arenas, new opportunities, and new potential for growth.

Since the beginning, over 60,000 delegates have attended our meetings in more than 52 different cities across the globe. From Hong Kong to Houston, Beirut to Berlin and Mumbai to Marrakech, INTERCEM has created opportunities for the international cement industry to meet, open doors into new markets and face new challenges together.

As the market-leading conference for the cement industry, INTERCEM not only allows delegates to meet, discuss, debate, but also learn from many of the most influential and experienced industry leaders, coming away with new ideas and new contacts for growing the international cement industry.

The world's leading cement industry conference

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What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say

“An excellent initiative by INTERCEM to bring together global industry leaders and subject matter experts to discuss cementitious materials which are key to a sustainable future. The sessions were fabulously insightful and educative, and made us updated with the latest in the cementitious world. Kudos!”

INTERCEM Dubai 2020

Rishit Dalal



“The greatest part about INTERCEM is the people you get to meet. You get to meet vendors; you also get to meet potential suppliers. It’s got a good mix of people from around the world, whether it’s from Asia, Africa, Europe, North Americas, South Americas. Everyone is represented even some Australians have attended, so we truly do become open to all the ideas from around the world.”

INTERCEM Dubai 2022

John Silvi

Co-Owner/Co C.E.O.

Silvi Group

“INTERCEM is the happening place for any cement business, whatever number you talk about or what ever dimension you talk about. The result is guaranteed. I found out, to meet the industry specialists and your friends, this is the right place to come.”

Ikram Khan

Ikram Ahmed Khan

Founder & Group Managing Director

Shun Shing Group

“I can honestly say that in our early years we attended practically every cement and construction conference we could find, but within a year or two it became obvious that INTERCEM was by far the best and most professionally organized, and frankly the most well attended of all the conferences, with the outstanding subject matter and very interesting attendees.”

Charles Zeynel

Charles Zeynel


ZAG international

“What I like most about INTERCEM is interacting with people. This a unique platform where you can meet people from all over the world, experts in their own fields. In cement, in shipping, equipment and this is the best moment to share, exchange and understand what is happening in this industry.”

Arnaud Pinatel

Arnaud Pinatel


On Field Investment Research


From the USA to Brazil and from China to Egypt, if your business is cement then INTERCEM will provide you with all the up to date information you need, including; export markets, new legislation, cement prices and plant technology updates, in programmes that cover all the latest cement news with analysis and comment from the industry’s leading figures.


INTERCEM’s annual INTERCEM Americas conference will take place this year in Los Angeles, California at the The Beverly Hilton from 3rd - 5th December.


INTERCEM are delighted to announce that our flagship conference, INTERCEM 2023 will take place in Istanbul, in Association with Turkish Cement, from 5th -7tt September – as the world’s leading independent cement industry conference returns to the banks of to Bosphorus.