Exhibition Opportunities

INTERCEM events are primarily conference-led, although venues are selected to ensure there is space for fully equipped booths for companies wishing to promote cement technology and services to the international cement industry. Over the years INTERCEM has assisted many companies develop and maintain their business contacts in a cost-effective, ” face-to-face” environment.

INTERCEM consistently attracts the highest level management from cement manufacturers - the decision makers in equipment purchase and cement trading policy. A booth enhances your profile and enables you to personally draw attention to the technological and service advantages you have over competitors.

If you would be interested in finding out more about any of the above opportunities, please contact Lola Carragher

After all these years, INTERCEM feels like family, but every time we attend, we meet new people, we think this is important

Arno van Aalst, Managing Director, Van Aalst Bulk Handling