Location: Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo
Dates: 17/09/18 - to - 19/09/18

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This September - The world’s leading independent cement industry conference will return to Cairo...

The continent of Africa

for a special meeting, INTERCEM: Cairo to Cape Town - the Challenge of Change. Looking at the cement sector across Egypt and Continental Africa, the conference will address the shared issues cement producers and traders are facing, particularly in relation to increased competition, and the rapid, widespread growth in domestic production

In the last year, the Egyptian industry has seen huge capacity expansions coming online, leading many local players to embark on an accelerated push toward a new export scenario. With a reduction in the value of the Egyptian pound by almost 50% against the dollar, and with the Egyptian government committing to assisting domestic companies to compete internationally, Egypt's re-emergence as a leading international exporter of cement and clinker is set to continue apace. As such, it is important for both regional and international stakeholders to factor the new paradigm into their forecasts and business planning. This meeting will bring attendees the latest insight and analysis from across the Egyptian cement industry to assist producers, traders, and importers, as they consider the impact of the Egyptian export boom on their business and development plans.

Leading experts

Leading experts will also look in detail at some of the key markets across Africa that have become focal points for the international cement trade at the same time as many of them are witnessing a rapid growth in their own domestic capacity. Throughout the conference, delegates will assess what this means for the continued development of the sector across the continent.

But it’s not all just about trading! INTERCEM will also look at other strategies for remaining competitive in an overcapacity scenario, including updates some of the ground-breaking work that the Egyptian industry is undertaking to reduce fuel costs, as well as cut carbon emissions across the country. We will also address the role of the cement industry in Africa’s economic and social development and the financing of new cement projects across the continent.

Men laying cement

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If you would like further information on participating as either a sponsor or exhibitor at INTERCEM Cairo to Cape Town please contact Nigel Dickson for further information.

Cairo - our conference destination

Pyramids in Cairo

Cairo is chaos at its most magnificent, infuriating and beautiful. From above, the distorted roar of the muezzins' call to prayer echoes out from duelling minarets. Below, car horns bellow tuneless symphonies amid avenues of faded 19th-century grandeur while donkey carts rattle down dusty lanes lined with colossal Fatimid and Mamluk monuments.

This mega-city's constant buzz and noise is a product of its 22-or-so million inhabitants simultaneously crushing Cairo's infrastructure under their collective weight and lifting its spirits up with their exceptional humour. Your nerves will jangle, your snot will run black from the smog and touts will hound you at every turn, but it's a small price to pay to tap into the energy of the place Egyptians call Umm Ad Dunya – the Mother of the World.

Blow your nose, crack a joke and look through the dirt to see the city's true colours. If you love Cairo, it will definitely love you back.

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Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo is an oasis of greenery and lakes in the heart of New Cairo, a newly developed satellite city in the Egyptian capital. Infused with traditional Thai design and offering genuine Thai hospitality, Dusit Thani brings a taste of Thailand to the centre of Egypt.

This 5-star hotel is strategically located in New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement, only 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport and in close proximity to the main roads that lead to Cairo’s major attractions, including the Pyramids, Sphinx, Citadel and Egyptian Museum.

At Dusit Thani, guests are welcomed by the largest rooms and suites in greater Cairo, three outdoor swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a well-equipped fitness centre and an array of fine dining options spanning a world of tastes and flavours.

For those looking to unwind, head to Devarana Spa adjacent to Dusit Thani, featuring contemporary Thai design and décor, where guests can soothe their bodies and minds with signature treatments that fuse East and West.

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